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Honest and professional advice

Choosing the right product for your home isn’t always straightforward but at Diamond Floorings we are here to help. Unlike other flooring companies, we will happily run through the strengths and weaknesses of each product so that you end up with the perfect flooring for your home and your budget. Why not pop in the showroom to chat through your requirements with one of our team.


There are many types and styles of carpets, the two main differences are wool/wool mix carpets and manmade carpets (which are made by synthetic fibres i.e polypropylene or nylon). Both have pros and cons, wool carpets are harder wearing and will look better for longer. But manmade carpets have come a long way over the years and are very easy to clean.

Quality carpet is actually easier and more affordable to have fitted and replaced than most other floor coverings. Carpets, unlike other floor coverings, do not always require a perfectly level surface, saving you money on potential new sub-floor treatments. Contrary to popular misconception, carpet is actually much more hygienic than you may think. The presence of airborne dust is far lower in carpeted rooms because it actually traps allergens and dust particles which are easily removed with regular vacuuming.


  • Soft under foot
  • Luxurious
  • Warm
  • Acts as sound insulator
  • Less slippery than hard floors



  • Can wear more quickly than some other types of flooring
  • Harder to clean than hard floor
  • Can fade in direct sunlight


Suitable for:


All areas but recommended in the lounge, bedrooms, stairs and landing.  Specialist carpets are available for bathrooms.  

For more info on carpets click here…


Vinyl (sheet)

Vinyl is a versatile product that has many benefits.  Not only is it an economically efficient option it can transform the look of a room.  Sheet vinyl comes on a roll and mostly comes in 2m, 3m and 4m rolls (although there are a couple of manufacturers who make 5m rolls).


  • Easy to clean
  • Cost effective
  • Huge range of design options from tile, to wood, to abstract
  • Warm
  • Water resistant
  • Comes in multiple widths
  • Has a short lead time so can be ordered in quickly, usually next day (stock willing)


  • Lower wear than some products
  • Can be punctured
  • Can be wasteful
  • More likely to dent or tear than some other types of floor
  • Needs a nice flat sub floor

Suitable for:

Any areas that can be subjected to water or excess moisture, such as:

  • Bathrooms
  • Toilets
  • Kitchens



Laminate is a versatile product that is has come a long way from the DIY store 3-strip beech effect.  Laminates now come in varying degrees of thickness and quality.  Laminate is a good cost effective hard wearing option that’s comes in all sorts of colours and designs from wood, to stone effect to high gloss modern boards.


  • Hard wearing
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Low wastage factor
  • Can be uplifted and removed with ease
  • Cost effective


  • Cheaper options can look artificial
  • Can be a little noisier under foot than some alternative products
  • Requires an expansion gap around the perimeter of the room

Suitable for most areas except bathrooms or wet areas.  We would also not recommend for kitchens due to high moisture levels.


Wood is a beautiful natural product that is one of the only flooring products that will look better over time.  Scratches, dents and wear gives a wood floor character.  Wood floors can also be re sanded and sealed to give a new lease of life to your floor.


  • Natural
  • Attractive
  • Hard wearing
  • Can be refinished
  • Warm and cosy


  • Moisture
  • Temperature change
  • Need to remove and refit skirtings

Suitable for

  • All areas, excluding Kitchens, bathrooms, ensuites and toilets


Luxury Vinyl tile

Luxury vinyl tile, or LVT for short, is a product that has stormed the market and over the last few years has become one of the most popular and exciting flooring options.  LVT is incredibly versati and can be designed to the customer exact specification.  Truly a unique and bespoke flooring option, well worth a look!


  • Hardwearing
  • Scratch resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • 12-25 year warranties
  • Various designs
  • Works with underfloor heating
  • No expansion/movement
  • No need to remove skirtings
  • Easy replacement if damaged
  • Variety of laying patterns


  • Not a natural product like wood

Suitable for

  • Everywhere!


  • Full range of underlay options
  • Specialists in underfloor heating
  • Specialists in heat and sound insulation
  • Door threshholds (standard/solid)
  • Carpet whipping
  • Entrance matting
  • Cleaning/maintenance products
  • Stair rods
  • Waste carrier license for disposal of old floor
  • Floor preparation


We are here to help

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